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Boca watches. Boca watches. First watch boca hours. Boca watch tv. Boca watch repair. Boca watching. I saw this movie some time ago, and it is actually very interesting. The comment I wanted to make tho, is concerning the female lead, Rae Dawn Chong, who is just simply hot in this movie. I admit it, I watched the movie, because it was made by the notorious Zalman King, and he's most well known probably for his series on Showtime, Red Shoe Diaries. As a young straight man, I will say that my interest in the movie was purely to see a little flesh, but once you get into the movie, it's intriguing, and you just can't turn it off. The movie as a whole is very well put together, and the cast all give great performances. If you're looking for an erotic movie, it also works. Rae Dawn Chong, who I might just say does shed her clothes for this part, is sexy and pecially her scenes with the male lead. It's not a movie for everyone, but if you want something different, it might just be your cup of tea, so to speak.

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Boca watchers. Boca watch. I just bought this video off of e-bay for four bucks, as I am a collector and it looked interesting. It turned out to be all that, and more. It was fascinating, intriguing, and disturbing, all done with a very simple storyline. Great acting from Rae Dawn Chong and all the supporting people. Absolutely wonderful cinematography. I don't know how to recommend this one. It is definitely not a "date" movie, nor is it your garden variety "Friday Night Popcorn" film. However, it is well worth the time. Boca watch dogs. Boca watch jessica gray.

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