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Two friends from school become inseparable as they grow up. Rosario, living at home with her elderly mother, suffering from what appears to be Alzheimer's disease, has to fend for herself as she struggles alone to be the care giver, plus having to be the breadwinner. She has a sister who is in Barcelona, and obviously, has more important things to do with her life, so she stays away.
Milagros, the other friend, is a free spirit, as well as a loose cannon. When we meet her, she is driving her uncle's taxi, although she is a lousy business woman. When Rosario loses her job cleaning a bank, and Milagros' uncle takes away the car, they look for a job as part of the sanitation department cleaners.
Rosario gets the attention of a fellow cleaner, Morsa, who likes her. Since the only place for them to meet is her apartment, she takes him there. The mother, who is living in a sort of fog, comes into the room while they are at it, but does not notice a thing. For other encounters, Rosario locks the mother in the wardrobe.
The relationship between the two women suffers when Milagros discovers an infant in one of the garbage bins. She wants to have the baby because she reveals a secret that she has kept away from her friend. The story ends tragically, but something positive seems to have worked within Rosario, when she realizes Morsa is the only one for her.
Angeles Gonzalez Sinde is the current Spanish secretary of culture. She adapted the material which is based on a novel by Elvira Lindo. The results are mixed. In spite of some humor in the relationship between the two women at the center of the story, it is a depressing tale from the start. The film is told in a sort of flashback that does not become clear until almost the end what is really going on.
Malena Alterio is Rosario, who has done better in other films. The revelation here is the Milagros of Esperanza Pedreno a much complex character than really meets the eye. We also liked Antonio De La Torre's Morsa; he gives an understated performance.

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Una palabra tuya pelicula. Una palabra tuya bastara. Una palabra tuya elvira lindo. Gela una palabra tuya. Una palabra tuya trailer. Una palabra tuya letra. My boyfriend went into surgery 9 days ago to get an infected abscess removed. It was a minor surgery, and after hours of online research, I came to the confident conclusion that he should be back on his feet within 2 weeks. Yet somehow, over a week has gone by and there is no news of him being discharged. I might sound mad, but I think County Keynes hospital is keeping Peter sick on purpose. Yeah, I know what youre thinking: hospital beds are constantly full, and staff already have so much pressure on them. Why would they want to keep anyone in the hospital for longer? Im just as confused as you are. But Ive learned to always trust my gut, and right now its telling me that something weird is going on — and I need to reach as many people as possible to get this story out there. I suppose Ill fill you in from the start. Last Monday, I drove Peter to A&E because he had a high fever, and his stomach pain was getting worse. I rushed to the receptionist, told her his symptoms, and stressed that he was in a lot of pain. A&E waiting times average about 3-4 hours due to the NHS being understaffed, and their current staff being overworked. Even though I told the receptionist that we needed to be seen ASAP, I didnt expect that to be possible. However, by some miracle, Peter was called over by the triage nurse in less than 20 minutes. Several vials of blood were taken (more than seemed necessary, but I shook off this feeling as my usual paranoia) and he was booked in for surgery the next morning. We were then escorted to Hemlock Ward, and Peter was assigned a bed with a window view, all within the space of 2 hours. I was astounded by how kind and helpful everyone was. I had always been treated quite well in hospitals, but nothing compared to Hemlock Ward. The nurses all said hello and smiled as we passed by, and the atmosphere seemed unbelievably relaxed. Not long after receiving a bed, Peter drifted off to sleep. He was attached to a bunch of fluids and antibiotics, looking like some sort of creature conjured up by H. R Giger. But despite the spooky appearance of all the machines and the IV attached to him, I could see that colour was ever so slowly returning to his already-pale complexion. Once I was confident that he was sound asleep, I decided to take a stroll around the ward. Middle aged and elderly men filled the beds in Hemlock Ward; Peter was the youngest by about 20 years, at the least. Nothing about this struck me as eerie, it just made me feel sorry for my boyfriend. I thought, hes far too young to be having these problems. On my way back to Peters bed, I was stopped by a nurse walking toward me with a copper bell. She was ringing it gently, smiling politely, as they all did. “What does the bell mean? ” I asked. “It means that its time for you to leave. ” “But its only 6pm. ” “Its meal time. Patients have protected meal times, and then its time for us to check vitals. It makes our job much easier if there arent people in the way whilst we do this. ” "But I can come back after, can't I. Unfortunately not. My attitude shifted rapidly. Visitors couldnt return after meal times? Bull shit. I forced a smile, and rushed back to Peter to say goodbye. I kissed him on the forehead, and blinked fast to reject the tears that were rushing out of my ducts. — Visitation hours started at 9am. I was at the hospital by 8:30am peering through the glass doors of Hemlock Ward. Once I was let in, I saw three women — two dressed in scrubs, one in a suit — stood around my boyfriends bed whispering to each other. I stood aside, waiting for them to finish. After several minutes of waiting, I interrupted to introduce myself. “Hi, Im Jess. ” I gave them an awkward wave. “Is this your girlfriend, Peter? ” The woman in the suit asked. “Yeah. It is, ” Peter said, smiling weakly. He had bags under his eyes. “Hey babe. ” I said hi again, but the woman just smiled and walked away, followed by the other two. “What was that all about? ” I asked. “That was my surgeon. Im due to go into theatre in an hour, unless an emergency comes in. ” “Fingers crossed, ” I felt his forehead with the back of my hand. His fever had gone. “How did you sleep? ” “Not great, to be honest, ” Peter scanned the room. “The guy next to me was shouting in his sleep. ” “You want me to ask if they can move you to another ward? Its no trouble. ” “No. That wouldnt do much good. The nurses wake me up every couple of hours to give me my medication, and check my vitals. Wont be getting much sleep regardless of which ward Im in, ” he sighed. “Ill be ready to come back home by tonight though, thank God. ” That was the moment that I knew something strange was going on. There had to be some other reason that they were waking up Peter at night. What medication needs to be administered in the middle of the night, anyway? He was too groggy to tell me all of the details. All he remembered was that several people stood by his bedside whenever he was woken up. Before I could ask anymore questions, a porter interrupted us and said that it was time for Peter to go into theatre. I kissed him on the forehead, and watched as he was wheeled away. There was no way that I was in the right state to drive, so I pulled the curtains closed and wept in the armchair next to his bed. After drifting to sleep for a moment, I woke to the sound of whispers from the other side of the curtain. “…healthy…” “…try again…” “…host…” The curtain was snatched open, and there stood two nurses with big toothy smiles on their faces. When I first arrived I pictured them all as sweet little angels sent from heaven to look after Gods people, but that was the first moment that I began to see them as a bunch of blood-thirsty jackals… Desperate for the next young, healthy body to arrive through the Ward doors. “Out you come. ” A nurse said, with her sickly sweet voice. I rubbed my eyes, and hopped out of the chair. Both of their heads followed me as I moved. As I turned back, I could see that they were still watching me with unchanging grins plastered on their faces. — I called the ward multiple times throughout the day, and by the 4th call I was told that Peter was stable, but wouldnt be allowed visitors until the next day. They reassured me that the surgery was successful, but they wanted to monitor his levels of infection for another night. Another…fucking…night. I texted Peter a lot, but it was clear that he was tired. His replies were blunt; he wasn't sending the usual emojis, taking forever to reply. you know, the standard signs. Because I knew his mum had kicked up a fuss and they allowed her to stay with him that night, I felt more at peace. Peter was likely just talking to his mum. So by 10pm I stopped bothering him and let him rest. — The next morning, I walked into the ward as drama was unfolding. An old man on the bed opposite was shouting at Peter, telling him that he should leave. I pulled the curtain around my boyfriends bed, and confronted the stranger. “Excuse me. Youre scaring him. ” I said in a hushed voice. “Get that boy out of here, girl! ” The man spat as he spoke. “What? Why are you saying that? ” Something in my gut told me that this was not the incoherent ramblings of a mad man. “Theyre —“ Before he could speak another word, a nurse appeared out of nowhere and stuck a syringe in the old mans arm. “What did you just do? ” I asked, in shock. The nurse flashed me a grin as a porter strolled in to wheel the old man's limp body away. “Mr. Dennis is being discharged today. Isnt that lovely? His wife and children are waiting for him in the reception. ” I didnt believe her for a second. But there was nothing I could do for Mr. Dennis, I needed to get Peter out. I smiled back at the nurse, and slinked behind the curtain to see him. He was lying on his back, his eyes fixated on the vent above him. His teeth were slightly chattering… Or maybe he was talking. “How do you feel? ” I asked. “Good. ” His lips were white and chapped. There were beads of sweat forming on his forehead. He did not look good. “Have the nurses mentioned anything about letting you come home today? ” I asked. He shook his head and closed his eyes. I sat in the armchair and curled up with my book. Seconds later, I was distracted by Peters legs twitching, as they always did when he drifted off to sleep. I smiled. Then he uttered the words that sent chills down my spine. “Help me. Help me. ” He said it multiple times, his face slightly wincing with every word. I jogged him awake. “Peter? Is everything ok? ” “Yeah babe. Just tired. ” He looked through me, as if trying to get a glimpse of the ceiling vent again. Not wanting to question anything, or scare him, I stroked his hair until he fell back to sleep. peacefully this time. I sat in the ward for hours, switching between reading and staring at Peters gaunt face. He was getting slimmer by the day. The silence made me think about Mr. Dennis, and how there was nothing I could do for him. My mind wandered, and I my mind painted graphic images of the nurses hurting that poor old man for speaking the truth. Maybe they even killed him. No… No way… Theres no way that stuff like that happens in the real world, only in the movies. There are no evil, android-looking nurses that make patients unwell. There are only overworked nurses that are doing their best. 6pm came around, and one of the nurses walked up and down the ward ringing that stupid bell. I walked out, and hid around the corner. I watched as three of them slowly began to gather around Peter's bed, looking down at him as he slept. It made me shudder. The nurses all turned around and looked at me simultaneously. I ran out of the hospital, and straight to Peters house. Thinking that she might be able to help, I told his mum everything: about how Peter's getting weaker in front of my eyes, about the old man, and even my suspicions that the nurses are making him unwell on purpose. Little did I know that this would make everything much worse. Peters mum literally thought that I was insane. She said she was concerned about me, and that I wasnt getting enough rest. She even went so far as to call the hospital to make sure that I wasnt let in Hemlock Ward unless she was with me. No amount of begging would stop her. Its now been 4 days, and the most I have heard about Peter is his mums pitiful daily updates over text: Day 4: “Everything OK. He's been asking about you. Said youve been keeping busy and working hard x” Day 5: “All good. Hes been eating grapes and porridge x” Day 6: “Peter all OK x” Day 7: “Peter OK x”” Day 8: “OK” How could she think that those messages were sufficient enough? Why was there no mention of him coming home? At first I thought she just truly underestimated how much I love her son, perhaps she did think I was this crazy girl who caused drama, and didn't actually care about Peter. I started to even believe her that I wasn't getting enough rest. I was just being paranoid and silly. But after a while I realised… What if shes the one keeping him there. Update here.

Una palabra tuya bastará para sanarme. Una palabra tuya solo basto. Una palabra tuyaux. Una palabra tuya pelicula completa. Una palabra tuya cigarreras. Una palabra tuya me da tranquilidad. Una palabra tuya solo basto letra. Una palabra tuyaux paris. Una palabra tuya david summers. Along with presents and beautifully decorated trees, the holidays deliver the blessing of movies that are part of many family traditions! From Miracle on 34th Street to Elf, these are the movies we watch over and over again every holiday season. (Ready for that  Christmas Story marathon? We are! These beloved classics are chockablock with dialogue we have heard so many times … but do we really know what some of our favorite quotes mean or where they come from? Weve rounded up some of the most colorful vocabulary from our favorite holiday movies. Next time you watch these films, keep an ear out for some of these words and expressions. And if youre interested in playing along while you watch your favorites, check out our Bingo card full of these classic words and phrases. Cotton-headed ninny-muggins Elf (2003) starring Will Farrell as Buddy, is the touching tale of a man who thinks hes an elf. One of the most charming things about Buddy is his whimsical way of seeing the world. But life isnt always so easy for Buddy in the North Pole. Hes hopeless at making toys, calling himself a “cotton-headed ninny-muggins, ” much to the shock of the other elves in Santas Workshop. Cotton-headed ninny-muggins is a riff on a compound insult, like the kind Shakespeare was so fond of (which is why it shocks the elves so much. Cotton-headed  means that Buddy thinks his brains are made of cotton. Ninny   is a word for a fool or simpleton.  Muggins   is British slang for a foolish or gullible person. Taken together, when poor Buddy calls himself a cotton-headed ninny-muggins, hes saying he thinks hes a simple fool. Humbug In the book  A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and its countless film adaptations (our favorite is the 2000 release,  The Muppets Christmas Carol) the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge is famous for saying, “Bah, humbug. ” Humbug   is mid-18th century English slang of unknown origin but it means “deception” or “sham. ” Its used as an interjection to mean “Stuff and nonsense! ” So when Scrooge dismisses something with “Bah, humbug, ” its his old-man way of saying its ridiculous. Boogeyman The bad guy in the animated  Nightmare Before Christmas  (1993) is Oogie Boogie, or Mr. Oogie Boogie Man. He tries to take out Santa Claus (yikes. Oogie Boogies name is a play off the syllables in boogeyman, which is what he is. Boogeyman is thought to come from the Middle English bogge, a word for “ghost” or “something frightening, ” or from the German ( bögge) meaning “goblin. ” Stories of the  boogeyman (sometimes spelled  bogeyman) have been part of British folklore since the 1500s. Its said that the  boogeyman  loves to frighten and torture people (especially children) … sometimes to death. Good thing Jack and friends are able to rescue Santa Claus from Mr. Oogie Boogie Man! Roast beast Dr. Seusss classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas has delighted children (and adults) since it was first published in 1957. There have been a number of film adaptations, including one starring Jim Carrey (2000) and Boris Karloffs 1966 cartoon. The naughty Grinch steals all the Christmas goodies from the residents of Whoville, including their roast beast. Roast beast was made up by Dr. Seuss, but its a riff on a classic holiday dish—roast beef. Roast beef is an English dish thats been served since at least the 1600s, particularly for Christmas. Traditionally, Americans, though, have eaten turkey or ham for Christmas. Does this mean the Whos of Whoville are English? We leave that up to you to decide. Building and loan An important plot point in the classic holiday movie  Its A Wonderful Life  (1946) is George Baileys family business, the Bailey Building and Loan Association. We get from the context of the film that the Building and Loan is some sort of bank. But actually, building and loans  are a unique kind of institution … which, once you understand, will help you follow the plot of the film in a whole new way. Building and loan associations, also known as savings and loan associations or thrifts, were a special kind of bank first created in the early 1800s. Founded on the doctrine of “mutual self-help, ” building and loan associations pooled the funds of local people by selling shares to help more people get home mortgages. Its a much more equitable way to help people get home loans than the greedy Mr. Potter would like. Intangibles Another heartwarming Christmas movie is  Miracle on 34th Street  (1947. In it, Kris Kringle works overtime to help people remember the true meaning of Christmas. Its not about the presents or the decorations. Its about, as Kringle puts it, “a frame of mind. ” Attorney Fred Gailey (played by John Payne) echoes this sentiment when he tells Doris that she shouldnt “overlook those lovely intangibles. Youll discover those are the only things that are worthwhile. ” Intangible  means something that cannot be seen or touched because its not solid; its something that can only be felt or sensed.  Intangible   comes from the Latin for “something that cannot be touched. ” When Gailey says that lovely intangibles  are what is important, hes referring to the spirit of Christmas, not all the presents and material things. Dodgy Love Actually  (2003) is a touching, slightly raunchy romantic comedy that takes place right before Christmas. It follows 10 separate love stories that come together in the end. This British film has some English slang that might throw off an American viewer, including the lovely dodgy. In the movie, Prime Minister Hugh Grant David is in love with his assistant Natalie. She informs him that she lives on the “dodgy end” of Wandsworth (a borough of London. The original meaning of  dodgy was “tricky” or “difficult. ” But since the 1960s, dodgy  is also taken to mean “questionable” or “dubious. ” So, when Natalie says she lives on the “dodgy end” of the neighborhood, she is referring to the fact that her part of town isnt the nicest and perhaps a bit dangerous. Bicuspids In the animated classic Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964) Rudolphs friend Hermey the Elf dreams of being a dentist. He talks about it several times throughout the film. He even goes so far as to say he  is  a dentist, before backtracking and saying, “Well, I want to be someday. ” After all, they need dentists at the North Pole, too! Hermey cant help showing off his dentistry knowledge. He uses dentist lingo like  bicuspids in the film.  Bicuspid comes from the Latin meaning “having two sharp points. ” In dentistry, bicuspids, also known as premolars, are the teeth between your molars (in the back) and your canines (in the front) and they typically have … two points. Now you know what Hermey is talking about when he says hes studying “molars and bicuspids and incisors. ” Crooner One of the most over-the-top, ridiculous, classic Christmas musicals is White Christmas  (1954) starring Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney, both well-known singers of the era. The movie features the music of Irving Berlin. In it, Phil Davis (played by Danny Kaye) says to Crosbys character, “Thats very funny. The crooner is now becoming the comic. ” Bing Crosby was a famous crooner, a name given to classic, sentimental male singers. The word comes from the verb croon, meaning “to sing in a low, smooth voice. ” This meaning of  croon  has been in use since the late 1700s, but the heyday of crooners  was the 40s and 50s—when this movie was made. No relation We recognize this next example might be controversial, but, like John McClane, were not afraid of a little conflict. Die Hard (1988) starring Bruce Willis is accepted in some quarters as a Christmas movie because its set during Christmas. The movie has a lot of notable quotables, including the classic “yippee-ki-yay. ” One of our favorite moments is when the FBI agent introduces himself as Special Agent Johnson and his partner as Agent Johnson. Seeing the confusion on peoples faces, he clarifies: no relation. (It doesnt really clear things up too much. ) According to the  Oxford English Dictionary, using the phrase  no relation  as shorthand to indicate that two people arent family members (despite having the same last name) dates back to 1930. Trout sniffer While we are rolling out unpopular opinions, heres another one:  Home Alone II: Lost in New York (1992) is better than  Home Alone ( 1990. In this sequel, Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) gets up to all kinds of hijinks in the Big Apple. But before his family loses track of him (again) his big brother Buzz calls him a “trout sniffer. ” Buzz sucks. But what even is a trout sniffer? Only Buzz can know the answer to that. That said, it has a bit of a Shakespearian quality to it. Sniffing trout sounds gross and weird. The implication is that someone who would do that is lowly and strange. Trout sniffer also brings to mind the insult cakesniffer, which implies someone is too poor to afford cake to eat—they can only sniff it. Ecstasy All Ralphie wants for Christmas in  A Christmas Story  (1983) is a Red Ryder BB gun. Throughout the film, the adults around him warn him off of a BB gun, because its dangerous and they think (altogether, now) hell shoot his eye out. When Christmas Day finally arrives, Ralphie can barely contain his excitement as he opens his gifts. Adult Ralphie, the narrator of the film, says, “We plunged into the cornucopia quivering with desire and the ecstasy of unbridled avarice. ” Avarice is a fancy word for “greed. ”  Ecstasy   is a word meaning “rapturous delight. ” It comes from the Greek word for “entrancement, astonishment. ” Feeling overwhelmed and entranced while opening Christmas presents is a feeling we can all relate to, whether or not we are hoping for a Red Ryder BB gun.

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We actually had the choice between Deficit by Bernal and this movie on Spanish movie festival in KIev. I'm so glad we finally went for this one. Though I have never seen or heard of these actors they play brilliantly. The tragedy of usual lives, relationship bordering on friendship and love, loneliness, family ties and moral obligations - the movie manages to cover so much problems in such short timing. And of course the soundtrack, which I still hope to get somewhere, perfectly matches the action on the screen and sets just the right tone and mood to every scene. Being a tragic and sad movie it still has a very good sense of humor. Highly recommend this movie.

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