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Download torrent in loving memory lyrics. Hi everyone, since a few years I took the habit of seeking out horror games to play in October, to try and enjoy something that I generally don't enjoy: horror games. I would like to write a premise first before simply listing games, as to explain what kind of games has intrigued me to the point of going from avoiding the genre toward trying and playing them proper each October. If you don't care about this then skip to the tl;dr below When I was a child I played some horror games (Resident Evil 2 for example is one of the first I remember, but of course way before that I scantily tried Alone in the Dark 1), and they used to be interesting, but also make me sick often. Not on the level of Silent Hill, when I had to shut immediately down the playstation, close all the doors, realize I was scared having them all closed, not wanting to stay with a single light on I played more horror games which weren't a typical horror experience. I remember very fondly Parasite Eve 2, which I played before the first one. I was still having that sensation of disgust when playing it in certain scenes (understandably so when rewatching cutscenes now), but it didn't prevent me from replaying it and replaying it ad the big big hiatus began: I had tried other titles, but besides some Indie games much had left me Dead Space and Corpse Party got into my life: when I saw the first one, I thought to myself: can I truly even play this game? It just seems like a disgusting, difficult experience to go through. But when I realized what Isaac was listening to, that video, I couldn't help but think "I have to see this through. That is, I have to ensure he sees this through" same feeling was more or less given by Corpse Party: without spoiling too much, the premise sees teenagers blocked inside a school, trying to escape with their lives. Then again I had decided that I wanted to see them reach the end, but also understand what had happened and why innocent kids were killed (with the hope that it wasn't just pure gratuitous gore). Both of the games had their moments, but it was Corpse Party in particular, with one scene seeing a child timidly and insecurely call for her mother, scared, that I realized that horror is also capable of very humane depictions of feelings and altruism, and of course, degeneracy and madness. Let's get to the TL;DR part Now that we have the premise: I would like to receive and list games suggestions to play this October and for Halloween, as it is often difficult for me to find something new and/or that I like. Please do notice though: even games that have only few elements of horror, or whose atmosphere fits into the mysterious or unsettling, would fit the category for me. (see for example Night in the Woods, Momodora, games containing monsters and demons, and so on). So let's begin with a few suggestions from my own end: (any judgment or comment is of course welcome) Parasite Eve (followed by the sequel, PE2): How not to list this at the first place? Whoever has played this and is capable of going through memory lane can realize how eponymous and emblematic the final fights were. U. B., that fateful music track, really sets the level high to put you into the shoes of someone fighting for their lives and the lives of everyone in the middle of water, aboard a ship, cold and proven after multiple strenuous fights. And the more you struggle, the more it seems is gorgeously atmospheric, still after many years, in spite of the graphic change: I remember when I first played it, alone in my tiny apartment when I was simply a poor student, and felt like I was in New York and a quarantine was genuinely happening. Graphics aren't the best always, but I admittedly always loved these kind of renditions from Square, where there are many elements to explore and dialogues and objects manage to be more compelling without taking away part of the beauty of the pre-rendered backgrounds. Probably some influence of Final Fantasy was already there in the game before final release. Yume Nikki and Yume Nikki: Dream Diary I have a fateful relationship to this game as well, because of a certain someone I know. The very first indie game is simply gorgeous, unsettling, wonderful and scary in its duality of simplicity and complexity: you are a character that is unable to get out of the room during the day, but when sleeping, you step through that door and a world (or more than one) that normally shouldn't be there is all yours to explore... with the due people have hated on the remake, but I believe it's a nice homage to the work of Mr. Kikiyama, and it has gotten his/her approval beforehand. I would suggest to play the indie game first, and the remaster afterwards. Sanitarium: This was possibly one of the first horrors as a teen that I had managed to almost finish without getting overtly disgusted. Replaying it years later made it way more eerie and creepy than mere disgust could sustain against the psychological pressure it carried with itself. A point-and-click where you have to understand if your sanity is still with you, or if you have lost it, and might now risk losing even more. The Witch's House: One of the many games I discovered thanks to VGPerson, where we see a young girl approaching the topical house that makes the title. What got me into telling each person I know each October that arrives to first and foremost try this to get into the month of horror is that I find it's relatively easy to play, it has some exaggeration but drags less than Corpse Party, and it has what I believe is the most important addition of many horror games that are already interesting on their own, but with it go one step further to be remembered: a surprising and unsettling plot twist. Saya no Uta: This game (it's a Visual Novel) didn't scare me that much at first. Sure, there were surprises and little jumps (mostly due to the unexpected things in it), but there was a single scene that was truly horrifying for me, and the kind of story it tries to tell, beyond the sexual elements present in it that might become gratuitous taken on their own, is a different story from the typical horror setting where there are sexy teens and dangers ahead. What the protagonist feels and what he is able to see and experience is what turns him into what we see in the game. Irisu Syndrome: I'm listing this one as to add how interesting horror elements can be to make a game that seems to be of a complete different genre have the same compelling/intriguing feeling fully developed horrors have. Discovering how the background plot unfolds is the most intriguing part, unless you truly enjoy the puzzle gameplay of the media, which would also help in unlocking a better ending. Although these kind of mechanics aren't exactly nice, there is still a niceness in the difference they provide a different ending, especially if compared to how games like SH2 do it. Night in the Woods: Now, this isn't a typical horror, but for sure it's one of the best games you can enjoy on Halloween and during the month of October in general: the horror elements are there but mixed with the normal, and the introduction to the 'reality' of the world behind the facade is gradual, progressive, sometimes endearing, other times making you question your own decisions and where they would actually bring you. Silent Hill series (1-2 in particular): I never got into the latter 'modern era' of Silent Hill. The very first chapter is in my opinion a good example of how to make the grotesque appear less grotesque and more palatable to someone that is not used to it. And this is about one of those games that goes under your skin and stay in your mind long after the console is turned Hill 1 saw a beginning of you crawling in the dark, looking for someone dear to you, and ending up into pure, indescribable nightmare. The darkness, bleakness and sense of inevitability and claustrophobia are what made the game great. Alone in the Dark 4 attempted to make the series palatable once more by following this kind of approach, in my opinion, but while the change was nice and in my own opinion better than the future installments that would follow, they really could never grasp the kind of dreadfulness the first Silent Hill had. Not even the third SH could, but it does stand on its own. Lone Survive takes clearly a lot of inspiration from Hill 2 instead... let's say that if Silent Hill 1 is the demonic red, blood spilling maturing child of the series, Silent Hill 2 is the gray, bleak, more psychologically thoughtful sibling. Without spoiling too much, you have the best of the first chapter revisited in its own iteration and interpretation, disconnected yet connected, and absolutely capable of giving nothing but agitation and mindfuck when taken too seriously. The way the story ends can be decided by very minuscule actions, but you won't notice it while the bigger events unfold all around you, with the helplessness the protagonist feels becoming your own the more time you spend in the game. Darkwood: A small something that deserves attention because of the developers putting it available for torrent download after someone mentioned they couldn't afford the game. Darkwood is a work made with love, and it ends up making you feel anything but loved, without overdoing it: you find yourself in a sort of entrapping forest, you're not alone in it (sometimes you might wish you were), and the definition of "you have to survive" is here put to test every night. While the gameplay might be unforgiving for those that aren't used to this style of survival games, it really helps in giving a mixture of wanting to see more and begging for it to finally stop. Year walk: Based on Swedish folklore, the game plays well with the trope of distorted memories and plot twists, and is maybe even more enjoyable later on when there is lots of snow around you. Little Nightmares: This game plays with fears that many of us have had when little. Saying more would be spoiling a lot in my opinion, and I hope that the same mild and subtle horrific atmosphere of the first game and DLC will be kept in the second chapter of this story. Imscared: This one I could never finish, sometimes for postponing, other times because it got me stuck in a mixture of scared or annoyed by the mechanics. Nonetheless it's a very good example of how to play with the mind and the expectations of players, and I recommend giving it a try among the others. Hide: An indie game where you find yourself in a snowy field, and you have to run away and hide from your persecutors. Be ready to have some unexpected findings when finishing the game. Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion: This game is so cute. You will think you will get scared only much much later on, but don't forget you are at the mercy of Spooky, and your heart is gonna be played with to make sure it skips a few beats. The Thing: This game was one of the first horror games on the computer I managed not to get fully disgusted from, but while I was really interested into the story, what truly excels here are the mechanics of the game: you are amidst cold, you have to survive, keep you warm, and make sure those next to you are what they seems to be and nothing more. I would often reload saves with this one, and kill someone before a certain point, or see if some stuff were scripted, as if they weren't, then it really would have been 'revolutionary' in my own teen mind. The truth is that the glass was half-full, but at the end of everything, I got to remember it and it got to stay in my mind. F. E. A. R. : I still watch the introduction with awe after all these years. At the time, my computer was barely capable of holding it to run properly. The footprints, the glass, the volumetric shadows, everything would make the scenes unfold slowly, and the gameplay slower than intended. And yet that had helped in giving it an even more unsettling tone, as it would still be quick enough to kill me, but slow enough to admire the details and attention put onto the A. I., onto the design of the levels, to get scared by the sounds and the visuals conspiring to make me see things where they shouldn't be (again not saying more on it), and realizing that some of those aren't really just imagination. Doom 1-2-3: These three had managed to truly scare me in the past, but the fourth really doesn't, thanks to age and experience and the atmosphere itself. Ripping and tearing demons is pretty relaxing, if slightly obnoxious and barbaric after some time. But the first three iterations had managed to give jumpscares in the form of arduous enemies in the first two chapters, and in the shape of dark, sudden attacks and bursts of terror in the third one. Alien: Isolation and Aliens vs. Predator: AVP came before A:I, but while it is horror itself, I'm just mentioning it if you would like to stay genuinely tense each time you hear a beep on your radar. The first one instead, it manages to recreate the same but in a more mature, elegant and I might say even realistic way. This is a game to try if you love sci-fi, retro-futuristic look of technology, and the wish to truly understand what Ridley Scott might have felt when choosing the sentence "In space, no one can hear you scream". Dino Crisis 1-2: On the continuation of things that aren't zombies and are going to fuck you up very fast™ we find Dino Crisis 1 and Dino Crisis 2. The second one is much, much, much more arcade than the first one, but the speed of the dinos and the jumpscares resent only in part from this. Never played the 3rd one, and from what I often read and have been told, it wouldn't be worth to consider it a Dino Crisis proper. But it's always better to try on your own and form your own opinion on the matter. Eternal Darkness: Sanity Requiem - Imagine Imscared but actually having put the premise for breaking the fourth wall and kindly fucking up the mind of the player at their own whim and pace. This small description really doesn't give the game enough justice for being so different and innovative, in an era where it was clear Nintendo consoles had more than Mario and Zelda to offer. Bloodborne: The scare here is the typical feeling of losing every progress yet knowing you will stand up and face any adversity in front of you as Dark Souls games have always taught you. Until you realize that this game gets under your skin way before you think of the many death aheads. People degenerating, madness and violence, and darker horrors lurk into the initial, apparently simplistic premise of the game (which really throws you into it as it's typical of them) American Mcgee's Alice and Alice: Madness Return - A lovely foray into a different kind of Wonderland, there is a lot of action beyond the horror itself, but I believe it's very atmospheric and a must to play for both action, horror and Alice in Wonderland fans altogether. Limbo & Inside: Being chased, trying to escape, not understanding where you are. This is what helped the conception of Little Nightmares possible, and you should consider trying it. 3rd Eye: A special mention, I gave it a try these past days, found it somewhat cute, and unsettling in the right moments. There are touhou protagonists in it, and the choice of Koishi as main character is really 's kind of a reduced Sanitarium experience, some people have mention Fran Bow would be a good connection to it, but I think it really stands on its own for being a bit more inspired by various other operas and making a small story of its own. The dialogues in particular and seeing how the characters I know get twisted into horror format are very interesting elements for me. Grim Fandango: Yes it's not scary in itself, but it's very halloween-like, and I put it here to remind that these kind of games without central focus being scare or pure horror are also important to play during this month! That should be everything from my end, I'm closing with some honorable these there are some games which I know are rated well from the majority, but I haven't tried myself, and with the exception of Haunting Grounds, don't know how they end as I don't wish to spoil them. They also don't seem to be exactly my own taste in horror, but they're surely worth your time, as I'm certain others here could attest: - Rule of Rose - Haunting Ground - Fatal Frame (big oof from me for not having been able to still try this properly) - Resident Evil (I did play and finish most of them, but I was actually disappointed by the 7th one, and the first three still stay my favourite, with 2 and 3 at the top) - Obscure - Forbidden Siren - The Suffering - System Shock 1 and 2 (the smarter sci-fi predecessor of Alien Isolation and the one that spawned the 'horrors' seen in Bioshock, with more RPG elements included and a storyline going in a different direction altogether) - Condemned: criminal origins - Doki Doki Literature Club.

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